Resistance Training

Whole body focus using free weights, machines, dumbbells, rubber bands, and TRX Rip Bar

Cardio Training

Using machines (treadmill, bike, elliptical) and circuit total body exercises

Balance/Core Training

Using Bosu, exercise balls, dance exercises, and Bare Foot Training

Flexibility Conditioning Training

Using yoga, stretch, straps, exercise balls, and assisted stretch



Evolutionary Yoga

An integrated technique of Yoga plus self massage with props to awaken the sympathetic nervous system. Rejuvenates your body from the stresses of everyday life.

Power Yoga

It improves the flexibility and strength of your muscles; aids concentration and patience; increases stamina.

Restorative Yoga

Using gentle and repetitive asanas (Yoga poses) and breathing to release stress and tightness that has been built up in your body. You will experience a deep relaxed state due to stimulation of your parasympathetic nervous system.




Bodywork is a type of therapeutic massage called Somalogy™ (aka Body Evolution), created by Tyr Throne. It was originally created to address the special needs of athletes and dancers but can be enjoyed by everyone.

Somalogy™ technique is similar to deep tissue massage by using multiple hands of pressure and stroke with oil (Cocoa butter) also known as sculpting manipulation.

The Somalogy™ practitioner will ask you to breathe deeply and stretch your body during the session in order for you to get the most out of this technique. This aids in muscle recuperation, balances/centers the body and increases flexibility and circulation.

SMM (Stretch and Multi-Massage)

This is a combination of practitioner assisted stretching and massage consisting of Thai, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu.

Combination Program



Recommend you start with Yoga if your body is tight and stiff to make it more movable to raise your exercise capacity. Finish with Bodywork to decrease muscle aches and speed recovery.


Start with Bodywork if you have injuries or problems with body alignment. Bodywork will help you to increase the awareness of your body and stay in good posture. Doing Exercise with good posture is very important! Finish with nice gentle Yoga to relax your body and mind.


Start Exercise right away if you are ready including some power Yoga poses with weights to increase your stability and endurance! Finish with Bodywork to appreciate your hard work!